In May 2005, a feasibility study was undertaken on the ground. Here is the result :

What we have observed, is that all the common rubbish of our civilization invasive the back streets and pollute the Darchen river, its vicinity, the way to the pilgrimage, and near the Manasarovar lake. With our partner in Tibet, we concentrated on what is the most toxic for the earth, water and all the living creatures: batteries. There is only one domestic rubbish center in Tibet. It is near the town of Ali, headquarters of N’gari, at 300km from the Kaïlash Mount. But it does not work, due to lack of possible means. When the rubbish are not spread out by men and violent winds, they are put (rarely burned) in some garbage more or less important, along the towns, villages and all the places that attracts mankind. Therefore it is extremely important to extract urgently these batteries.

With a common agreement, Clean Planet Association has in mind to build a small collection center for batteries in the town of Darchen. The person in charge of this task will be called to increase the local population awareness, with educational comicstrip. In order to respect the Tibetan way of thinking and  to support their culture this is achieved by two artistic painters , who are enthusiastic about this concept. We think that we shall print 3000 copies.

In addition, an ethical charter aiming to mislead the best behavior, will be distributed to every vehicle crossing the “check point” in the entrance of the site, as well as to the travelling agents who propose this destination.

As a whole, this project has been approved by the environment Ministry of N’gari in which the Mount Kaïlash is part of it.